The St Andrews Toro 150th Open project.

For those that are familiar with my bio you will know that my relationship with St Andrews and the Links Trust is the sole reason why my career changed back in 2005. From running a successful design company mostly art directing and producing projects and ad campaigns on the Callaway Golf account, I found myself doing a complete U turn photographing golf courses, all of the St Andrews courses to be precise!

That relationship has continued and is ongoing, but it’s no where near the deeply forged and trusting bond that St Andrews have with Toro both with their expertise in machinery and also irrigation.

So when I was approached by Andy Brown, Toro’s Sr Sales manager for Global Business Development to shoot 6 videos and stills to celebrate their relationship, it was like having a winning ticket in the lottery.

The theme was to be based around the 150th Open and we started shooting in St Andrews back in August 2021! Working with my good friend and videographer Howard Boylan, we managed to get together all of the key interviews and also plenty of B roll content, but of course none of the clips showing the branded stands, this would mean a revisit in June 2022!

Our first day shooting was disappointing due to the very thick Haar that enveloped the course, more so at the Home End where the main 150th branded stand towered over the 1st fairway. We did manage to get some drone footage  later that day at the turn after gaining permission from Leuchars Airbase to fly the craft!

The next morning we witnessed the most amazing sunrise over the Home End, and with the help from St Andrews Old Course Superintendent Gordon Mckie we managed to smash the extra content we needed to finish off all of the 6 videos and much needed stills.

For both Kevin Murray Golf Photography and Bandit Golf Productions, to be involved in such a high profile project for St Andrews Links Trust and Toro is a very special privilege, we appreciate the faith and trust that they have both bestowed on us. Just importantly though, working with old and new friends to create historical content is a compliment that will be remembered for a long time.

To see the 6 videos and all of Kevin Murray Golf Photography and Bandit Golf Productions videos, please visit this link on YouTube.