FootJoy trip to Lofoten Links Norway

This was my 4th vist to Lofoten Links. And it was great to be part of the Footjoy team to shoot their new apparel.

It’s no secret that this is my favourite place on the planet, and the full days trip to get there from the UK including 3 different flights didn’t take away from the experience. Even the fact that my luggage didn’t turn up until 33 hours later couldn’t dampen my spirit. The sheer beauty of the place focuses the mind and everything else just fades into oblivion.

Every second is a different picture, in the middle of summer there’s no magic hour here as the midnight sun constantly presents magical light that lasts all day!

It’s a snappers dream location and was the ideal backdrop to showcase all of the great new Footjoy designs on offer for the 2002-2003 season.

Like all successful apparel shoots you really do have to be working with a fantastic team. My great buddy Paul Ohagan is no stranger to organising these trips and along with his FJ colleagues Chris Barrett and Jan Are Larsen they all totally nailed the production, especially making sure all outfits were in the right place at the right time, a logistic that should not be taken for granted.

These trips always leave me with great memories, on our first night we fended for ourselves cooking in our lodge which would be our home for the next 4 days, who would have thought that the oil from grilled chorizo sausages would make the ideal base to cook our steaks in!

It’s also an opportunity to work with some great talent and also make new friends, both our pro models Dan and Ren were fantastic, they were natural in front of both stills and video cameras and made my job and videographer Kyle Johnston’s life so much easier to capture content.

It was also great to catch up with owner Frode Hov and course superintendent Jerry Mulvihill, both have put so much into making Lofoten Links such an amazing venue, they are truly great guys and who I admire so much for their hard work and vision. It’s an honour to have these guys as my buddies.

Until the next time Lofoten, Cheers or much more appropriate, Skål!