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I’ve lost count of the many trips I’ve made to the UAE over the last 10 years! Wether it’s shooting the Tour Pros for Golf Monthly at the HSBC Abu Dhabi championship or covering both old and new developments, it’s got to be in the region of 30 visits.

What continues to surprise and fascinate me is the growth of the game in this area. There’s many reasons for this and the first that comes to mind is the quality of all of the courses through out the UAE.

If you are a resident or a visitor you are spoilt for choice to play some of the world’s best courses which mostly will be presented in the very best condition.

Another reason is how the venues are managed, it’s no coincidence that Troon Golf are involved with many of the top courses and if they aren’t, you will probably find that it’s ex Troonies that are heavily involved with the running of the other top courses.

This recent trip was to do a top-up shoot for Al Hamra, Dubai Hills, Abu Dhabi and Saadiyat Beach over a total of 8 days!

What I’m very grateful for is the fact that all of these venues understand the importance of presenting new collateral images to the trade and also to their members and visitors! All of these courses continue to mature, no more so than Dubai Hills as the landscape around the course visibly changes weekly.

The fact that these were mostly Top up shoots meant that I only needed 2 sessions at some of the courses. The knock on benefit for the Club is that it keeps rates and expenses down but will still provide a new folio of images for their marketing material.

Sadly I’m going to miss the HSBC Abu Dhabi championship this year as I’m going to be at the PGA show, however there’s going to be another new course opening soon so a revisit could be on the cards before it gets too hot in the desert!

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